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BRAG/Firehouse – Exhibition + Workshop

Posted in Exhibitions, Workshops by Paul on June 24, 2008



Well, I’ve had a pretty amazing weekend in Brighton with hosts BRAG and Firehouse. I headed on down to The Basement in Brighton for the private view of the Rock Poster Explosion Tour. The screen printed posters of BRAG and Firehouse were incredible pieces of work and the crowds were elbowing each other just to get a piece of the action.

I met up with poster legends Ron Donovan and Chuck Sperry, who were a great inspiration to talk to about their work. Hi-5ing, saying “Rad” and going up to people doing “Rock-Lock” – great Americans. We ended up in the wee hours of the morning in nearby BDI screen printing studio with beers in hand, talking about anything and everything.

The sunday got even better as I took part in the screen printing workshop hosted by Ron and Chuck. They were printing some gig posters for their event at Notting Hill Arts Club last night. Some great advice from the two guys from San Francisco and amazing to watch and learn. BRAG members were on hand to also help out. Ron and Chuck told us about what they like to call “eye fry”, when pure print blue and red are printed directly next to each other causing retinal eye burn, amongst other fascinating facts and stories about their careers.



A big BIG thank you to Jamie (Mongsterr), Rhys and Ben (Screen Prince) and the rest of BRAG for the invite down to Brighton, and to Ron and Chuck for their amazing posters, keep it ‘West Coast Offensive’.

Check out the full set of photos from both the exhibition and the workshop at my Flickr page.

BRAG/Firehouse Exhibition

Screen printing workshop



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  1. Pauline said, on September 13, 2008 at 8:09 pm

    I’m gonna get a tattoo of the eagle/lion on my back, do I have to pay copyrights ?? :):):)

    Anyway, you guys rock !


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