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ECCA Self-Promotion/Branding Talk

Posted in Talks/Lectures by Paul on July 2, 2008


As part of Graduate Week 2008 by University of the Arts London, I went to ECCA‘s (Enterprise Centre for the Creative Arts) ‘Making a name for yourself: self-promotion and branding in the creative industries’ talk on the 1st of July. Guest speakers included Rhonda Drakeford, Co-founder and Director of Multistorey, Anna Goodman of Abstrakt Publicity and Russell Thoburn, Artist.

Some useful hints and tips on promoting yourself in a tough industry and I have this all to look forward to! With emphasis on online promotion, reading up on the medias, not being presumptious, knowing your audience and much more.

And Russell showed us that the Daily Star and The Sun can be used to good effect. (check the Motor Project and Tracey’s Dinners under the Basement section on his website for full project rundowns) A great evening with some interesting points raised. I liked being the only 2nd year there also – I think.





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