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‘Creatures Great and Small’ Kinetica Exhibition

Posted in Exhibitions by Paul on October 4, 2008


After the D*Face exhibition, I also headed on down to the Rove Gallery in Hoxton Square for interaction design company Kinetica’sCreatures Great and Small’ exhibition. A huge contrast to what I’d just seen at 89a Rivington Street, but Kinetica put on a great show.

My favourite two pieces were the suspended weights at the back of the exhibition that moved in harmony with one another, the strings above I think were affecting their movement. The second, and what could be said to be weird, wonderful, strange, mind boggling, creepy (take your pick) but at the front of the space, a 3 legged, with hands for its feet, mobile creature/bird/horse animatronic object that moved to people’s interactions with it. I’m not sure how exactly it was done, but the designer has got it down to a tee, great stuff! Creatures Great and Small was part of the ‘Concrete and Glass‘, music and art events at the beginning of October around Shoreditch.

See the exhibition on Kinetica’s website here.


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