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Not Actual Size Review

Posted in Internships by Paul on November 4, 2008



Well my first internship of the year out with the experiential partner of AMV, Not Actual Size has flown by during October. Many thanks to Dan, Simon and Stephen for my time there. My main input was into a project for Famous Grouse, coming up with concepts and visualising them but I also worked on other brands including MINI, Aviva, Walkers and Pepsi MAX. My role was a ‘creativegenerating ideas and rationalising them, and I have learnt a lot, even from just a month, about how realistic ideas have to be (taking budgets into account for example). Also working to tighter schedules and visualising ideas clearly so they can be understood within an instant have begun to be added to my design armoury.

All in all, a great start to the year out for myself, and being thrown into one of the UK’s biggest agencies was an interesting and exciting way to kick things off. And let’s not forget (for Stephen, Simon and Luca)…
parachuting (and modifying) army men
Stephen’s love for men
the floating *****
water drinking contests
90s songs
This is what being a creative is all about, over and out.



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