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First week at Pentagram

Posted in Internships by Paul on November 9, 2008



I finished on Halloween at Not Actual Size, and I packed up my bags last Saturday to leave London behind and move to Berlin for 3 months. This week was my first week at Pentagram. I’ll start off by saying ‘wow’ to the Pentagram Berlin studio, I’ve never seen anything like it, with their own library, cutting and print facilities as well as an archive of the all work they have produced since the studio opened in 2002.

This week I have been on several small tasks. I have been creating client images as well as working on the Pentagram Christmas book which gets sent out to lot of design companies and designers. On Thursday I was carrying on with the ongoing task of archiving all the Pentagram projects, labeling and recording what gets put where and I had a chance to take a look through some of Pentagram’s previous work. I also managed to wip up a quick birthday card for Josephine.

I am definitely going to enjoy working with Justus, Uta, Christiane and Josephine. Drop me a line at jenkins@pentagram.de – sounds good doesn’t it. More updates soon about Pentagram and Berlin.


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