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BBC ‘Big Mic’ in Berlin

Posted in Everything Else by Paul on November 20, 2008



On Monday evening, I was told by Cunning (internship no. 3) to head on down to the Hauptbahnhof (central main station) in Berlin to see something to do with the BBC and ‘burying powerful questions‘. It turned out to be the experimental aspect of BBC’s new campaign, ‘You can’t bury a powerful question‘ which has just been released.

I met up with Nathan from Cunning and helped out (a bit…move some of the pieces and help with a few tiles) to set up the installation. Some reactions from passers by were very funny and I went back yesterday and Tuesday evening to photograph the ‘Big Mic‘. I managed to see a group of school children go crazy around it and X Factor’s next flop contestant pose for a photo while trying to hold and sing into the microphone.

The plan is after Berlin, to ship the microphone back to London and install it at BBC Television Centre.

In collaboration with Red Bee Media, a really nice piece of ambient work, didn’t think I would be doing that on a Monday evening. You can find the project on Cunning’s website here (along with my photographs) and the rest of the images on my Flickr set here, enjoy.

Thanks to Becca and Nathan from Cunning for the heads up and involvement.




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