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Pentagram Berlin Review

Posted in Internships by Paul on February 3, 2009


Well that’s it, 3 months in Berlin and at Pentagram is over and I’m back in London, it has gone very very fast and I’m sad to have left. Berlin has definitely grown on me and I’ve loved my time being at Pentagram. You’ve all had a review over the last few months so I will keep this a more generalized view aside from a short bit about what I did in my last month.

In January I was working on a poster, PDF front and back covers, and several adverts for some very nice clients of Pentagram and hopefully later on in the year I will be able to have some of this work to show. It was a very busy with tight deadlines last few weeks but definitely saving the best till last. And while I was doing these pieces, I learnt all about setting work up for professional printing from Josephine which is going to be invaluable, as I’ve never done that before, but I am sure during my final year I will be. Balancing designing the work but also to tight deadlines and dealing (via a German speaker) with clients and then actually meeting them was a great learning curve as well. All in all, a great way to finish of the internship, having a valued contribution to some projects, and the clients were pleased with the work I’d done as well.


Overall Pentagram has been fantastic and I have learnt lots and lots about not only designing in a professional context, but also about myself a huge deal. I now have a real appreciation of the effort that goes into great design whether it be print, web, books, or even smaller design tasks, they all count to have time and care taken over them. I’m taking more time and aesthetic consideration over my work and in the personal projects that I am working on currently now and will continue to do so in the future. My typography skills have definitely improved, along with my Photoshop, InDesign and I never thought I’d say this, but also my Illustrator skills. Like I said before, I also learnt about the printing process and through my first two months, organizing and looking after work and dealing with clients. Being and working in a great studio in itself has been a valuable experience as well, designing in an atmosphere where everyone is enthusiastic and passionate about what they do.

So a huge HUGE thanks to Justus, Uta, Josephine, Christiane and Nikola for making my time at Pentagram and Berlin fantastic, a great bunch of people who I have now promised to learn German to when I head over to Berlin next time, which I definitely will. I got an awesome book for my birthday mid January and the Pentagram Bible as a leaving present. Tschuss Pentagram and Berlin (for now).


You can see all the photos I took whilst in Berlin on my Flickr page here.



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  1. alison guile said, on February 24, 2009 at 3:41 pm

    please tell me how you were lucky enough to get this internship! Did you approach them directly?


  2. Paul said, on February 24, 2009 at 11:45 pm

    Hi Alison,

    Yes I applied directly, sent my portfolio and some good ol’ emails. Your a recent graduate of LCC yes??

  3. Alison said, on March 2, 2009 at 11:08 pm


    Thanks for the response, yes you are right – I have just finished a Graduate Diploma there, I originally studied Fine Art & I am trying to develop my ideas into a slightly different field. Pentagram is agency I really identify with & I would love the opportunity to work with them. I am also completely in love with Berlin (as is everyone). Do they have a formal internship programme there? Are they inundated by requests?

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