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First week at Cunning

Posted in Internships by Paul on February 8, 2009


It’s been a hectic first week being back in London straight from Berlin, so now I’ve finally got a chance to put this post up about my first week at Cunning.

My first week at Cunning has been great, being thrown straight into the deep end working on about four projects already. Lots of brainstorming with the rest of the creative team and planners. Some of my ideas have been put forward to the clients which is good as well, so will have to see how everything pans out. I have also been put in charge of a few side projects as part of my internship as well. Firstly I will be organizing speakers for the ‘Cunning 60 Minutes‘, where people from all sorts of backgrounds will be coming into the office for an hour to motivate and inspire the Cunning team about all sorts of topics. I have already planned one on the subject of ‘Blogging‘ with lots more in the pipeline. I am also in charge of redoing the front window space of the Cunning office, specifically the ‘take a peek‘ boxes, so I have to come up with some new themes of those and organize all the designing and hopefully a design to be put into one of the boxes myself.


All the team at Cunning are really friendly and enthusiastic, and because everyone is from different backgrounds, there’s a great creative vibe around the office; I feel like part of the team already. The above identity was done by myself last summer as Cunning have an open identity ongoing project on their website. You can check out my profile on the Cunning website here (all good fun) and I’ll have more news from Cunning at the end of the month. Thanks to Becca, Aidan, Spencer, Fredda, Adele, Olly, Nathan, Tammy, Kate, Jay, Anna and Farzana (sorry if I’ve missed anyone out) for a great first week and I’m looking forward to what else I will be working on during the rest of February.




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