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Posted in Internships by Paul on February 28, 2009


Yesterday was my last day at Cunning, with a month passing me by very quickly (again). I’ve had a brilliant time with the creative team and the rest of the staff of Cunning and felt like part of the team from day one. I’ve been kept busy throughout the month and have learned lots along the way. I’ve managed to see how briefs work from ideas to refinement to client pitches and their preparation, through to just about the final execution and the planning that goes into it and this will give me some good experience for my future projects and all the small things that I wouldn’t usually consider, when in actual fact they are just as important as everything else.

I worked on a variety of client briefs including helping out with some of the NY office’s projects ranging from events, TV programmes promotions, and for a book launch. We had lots of brainstorms/brain dumps/idea sessions for projects which I found very useful and creative, and I helped in the development of ideas through to visualizing them and designing client pitch boards. I also worked on ideas for the Cunning window display and the ‘Cunning 60 Minutes’ as mentioned in my previous post and these side projects are still in development. There is a Cunning 60 Minute talk organized by myself, with the help of Becca happening next week so I will put up a post about that as well, so watch this space. I also helped with some photographic recces and vox-pops around London for research as part of some project’s development. Altogether, working on a range of different briefs, activities and side projects made this internship a very exciting and stimulating one.

I’ve learned all about being part of a busy and fast paced creative company in Cunning, learning about clients needs and wants more, and the importance of what pitches to clients are all about, right down to their smaller details. I’ll definitely be staying in touch and many thanks to all the team in the ‘basement‘.

P.S. I even had a hand at dealing with angry finance people on the phone, but I have to say, speaking to BT on the phone is much worse.




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