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The Changing Face of Letterpress Exhibition

Posted in Exhibitions by Paul on March 7, 2009


Bit of a late post this one, but I’ve been super busy this week. A quick visit in the morning on Wednesday to LCC where I showed my portfolio and talked to current students who are wanting to take the year out like I am doing (feels like 5 minutes since I was looking at the year above’s portfolios for the same thing!). It was nice to chat to some enthusiastic and interested students about my experiences and to give them some advice.

I popped back to work before coming back again in the evening to LCC for the highly anticipated ‘Changing Face of Letterpress‘ exhibition in the Well Gallery. The exhibition has been promoted on all the design blogs for a while now, and some of my friends and tutors were exhibiting so I was exciting about going.

“The Changing Face of Letterpress is an exhibition of staff and student work from the London College of Communication, seeking to challenge the boundaries of Letterpress within the current design climate whilst drawing from the rich printing history of the college. The exhibition explores the changing role of Letterpress within design education, from a typographical teaching tool to a medium that is igniting process-driven work from students within the School of Graphic Design.”


The private view wasn’t as busy as I thought it would be, but there was some excellent work on display. The typographic system/template at the front of the exhibition was an eye catcher, my friends’ work in the forms of a letterpressed pro-Gypsy poster and some illustrative tigers were great and the poster displaying “I Haart You” was nice also. Lots of smaller postcards and artefacts were displayed on the tables and some other visually rich prints completed the exhibition. I also managed to grab one of the exhibition catalogues which doubles up nicely as a poster.

Along with the exhibition, LCC is hosting various lectures around the letterpress subject and I’ve booked up for the Phil Baines and Catherine Dixon one on the 10th, so I will put up a post about that next week. For the meantime, check out the LCC Letterpress website below.


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