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Graphic Design ‘Work in Progress’ show at LCC

Posted in Everything Else, Exhibitions by Paul on March 14, 2009


On Wednesday morning, I quickly popped back to LCC again to take a look at my current year’s work in progress. I won’t be around for the final degree show (I’ll explain about this shortly in another post) so I wanted to gather some insight into standard of work, printing, displaying work and just generally seeing how everyone I know has developed. I was disappointed with Advertising’s and Typography’s work but the Illustration and Information Design pathway’s work had some good pieces on show, this may have been down to the fact that they had more finished pieces on display however.

From looking at the work on show, I’ll make sure my final stuff next year will be printed properly and displayed to give maximum effect. My degree show next year will definitely come round a lot quicker than I think.

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  1. Ernest Williams said, on September 20, 2009 at 3:36 am

    I am currently getting back into art and just wanting to boost up skills and learn about new things out there that I dont know about. sounds pretty interesting so I figured why not learn more about this field. besides I can do a little art work and possibly a lot just wanting to take it a little further to brighten up my skills

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