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Ditto Music Video at the G20 Protests

Posted in Everything Else by Paul on April 2, 2009



Well yesterday was an ‘interesting‘ day of activities. KK Outlet (the London office of Amsterdam based agency KesselsKramer) got me involved in helping out with a music video they are producing for the Ditto festival being held at the Roundhouse in Camden in a few weeks. Ditto is a collaboration between music,  creativity, film and writing. The song we were filming and helping out on’s theme was ‘Despair‘. As the G20 protests were taking place around London yesterday, our job was to get amongst the protesters with out own placards with some of the song lyrics written on them and film it all.




My group started off at the Cannon Street march and then onto the Bank of England where all the protesters had gathered. We got some nice shots on various cameras, but being cordened in for a few hours by regular and riot police was not the best experience; we eventually left the protest site and headed back to the office. Probably the most ironic thing of the day was watching a seller going around the crowds of protesters shouting, “Get your official protest whistles here!“.

You can spot our fluorescent placards throughout all the photographs that I have put up here including Russell Brand sneaking in on our great shot. And some mobile phone footage that I took on the YouTube video below. The Guardian’s news report on the day’s events can be found here and KK Outlet’s Flickr set can be found here.






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  1. matt said, on April 2, 2009 at 6:37 am

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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