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Posted in Competitions, Everything Else, Projects by Paul on April 18, 2009


As mentioned in the previous post, I’ve been busy working away on another project which was the Type Tarts project. Type Tarts is a project being run by Type and Wallpaper magazine to have some fun and to support the St. Bride Library. The project requires designers to re-create tart cards, being the postcards prostitutes advertise their services with, but for either a letter of the alphabet or a typeface. Design companies such as Apfel, Big Active, DixonBaxi and Poke as well individuals including Neville Brody, Anthony Burrill, Melvin Galapon, Shepard Fairey have taken part in the project, and now myself and Daniel Mather who I have been creating the cards with are also part of the project.

“Maybe Sabon would invite you to caress its counters, or Palatino would advertise its ‘Mega Serifs’. Bodoni boasts some magnificent finials, Baskerville’s swash can really inflict some pain, and Century Schoolbook would undoubtedly keep you in after class.”

All entries to Type Tarts project will be exhibited in London this July, an exhibition I will unfortunately miss because I am in Tokyo, but Wallpaper will also be publishing an issue on the project and a book is planned to be made as well. The top three cards will be selected by Type, Wallpaper and St. Brides. The project is a very exciting and to be honest, a limitless one. I’ve had to cut back on how many I was going to do as there are endless ideas and fun to be had. I did one myself for Baskerville with a ‘fingers‘ theme and myself and Dan are doing a collaborative card for Caslon based around ‘virginity‘, all gruesome but great stuff. I screen printed mine so more practice back in the print room and I’ve managed to produce a nice range of cards with various inks and paper stocks. Hopefully we are going to print them at a larger scale as posters and try to get some fly posted on walls and put some up in phone boxes as an extension of the project.

You can check out everything about the Type Tarts project and some more examples of them on Type’s website here.




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  1. Charlie said, on April 20, 2009 at 11:03 pm

    I have already seen it somethere…

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