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‘Power in Numbers’ + ‘Said Why Eggs?’ + ‘CUM*’ Exhibitions

Posted in Exhibitions by Paul on May 9, 2009


Thursday evening was spent doing a whistle stop tour of the East End’s show openings; visiting the ‘Power in Numbers‘ exhibition at the Bodhi Gallery on Brick Lane, which I previously submitted work for, unfortunately not selected this time around. I also went to the ‘Said Why Eggs?‘ show at the Swanfield Inn which was curated by the East End Arts Club and finally onto KK Outlet to see their new exhibition by ‘CUM*‘, a group of pornographic and provocative influenced street artists.

Unfortunately, it was a bit of disappointment in all honesty for most of the exhibitions. ‘Power in Numbers’ had a few good pieces of work, but questionable whether they suited the theme of the show. The above print was a nice image and print in general however. The gallery had a gas leak downstairs where most of the work was, so I may pop back next week to take a look at the rest of the screen prints. ‘Said Why Eggs?’ had s much better quality of work on display and thought put into the show with a nice array of alphabets designed at the front and what seemed to be the alphabet displayed within kitsch themes in the back room as seen in the A/B/C image below. There was even alphabet sweets at the front on the reception desk! ‘Cum*’ at KK Outlet was meant to be a show of erotic street art, but I wasn’t really impressed with anything on show and questionable whether some of it was even street art. In saying that though, it was great to take a look around a few exhibitions even amongst the elbowing of crowds to get a beer.

Links to the exhibitions: ‘Power in Numbers’ here, ‘Said Why Eggs?’ here, and ‘CUM*’s’ Facebook event page here.


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