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Type Tarts Continued

Posted in Everything Else, Projects by Paul on May 14, 2009


Over the past few weeks I’ve been back at the screen printing carrying on with the Type Tarts project me and Dan have been working on. We were wanting this design to be printed lenticularly (where a series of images moves on the page) however the printers we were dealing with never got back to us after the initial quotation which is a huge shame as the deadline for the project was extended by two weeks, so we had the time to get it designed and printed after our initial postcards. Instead I screen printed the three images for a series of A2 posters on GF Smith 270gsm Accent Smooth/Eco White stock.

Me and Dan in collaboration designed this card based around the theme of ‘virginity‘ and using Caslon as the chosen typeface. ‘You Can Take My‘ / hedera flueron (the typographic flower symbol which used to separate paragraphsflower being the symbol of viriginity) / ‘Any Way You Want‘. Gruesome but great! You can now also see mine and Dan’s names on the Type Tarts contributors page here. More updates on the Type Tarts exhibition and project soon.

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  1. pr3mise said, on May 14, 2009 at 4:39 pm

    Looking good man!

    I thought the symbol was actually a heart with some nice flourishes at first.

  2. […] second lot of posters me and Dan printed as an extension of the project, which you can see again here. Unfortunately we wanted to get them printed ‘flip lenticularly‘ (when the image moves […]

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