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ECCA ‘Freelancing’ Talk

Posted in Talks/Lectures by Paul on May 15, 2009


Last night I attended another talk hosted by ECCA, ‘Working as a freelance graphic designer or illustrator‘. I am currently working on a freelance project which will be posted up soon, but the opportunities of freelancing seem to be always there. It is something I would consider doing once I graduate but I think it would probably be alongside a studio role as well. Anyway, there were three speakers at the lecture; Astrid Chesney, a freelance illustrator, Fig Taylor, a Consultant from the Association of Illustrators and Leah Harrison Bailey, one of the partners from Happily Ever After.

Astrid talked through her jounery as a freelance illustrator from the RCA onwards with some nice examples of characters and book covers and explained that deadlines can be as tight as a few hours (one she did for the Guardian) when it comes to editorial commissions. Fig from the AOI has some great advice on portfolio reviews and techniques (she sees a lot of them!) including making in situ photographs looking as realistic as possible as well as practical advice on work choices and focusing on your strengths. She had a quote that will stick with me, “Take out work that you make excuses for (from your portfolio)’ And finally, Leah also explained her journey from a desk under a bed to her soon to be new studio in north London and the pros and cons of working in a partnership – most were pros however though! She also showed lots of great design examples including the ongoing identity and catalogues Happily Ever After create for the RCA graduate shows.

Some interesting advice on freelancing from the speakers and some great projects on show throughout as well.






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