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JAGDA New Designer Awards Exhibition

Posted in Exhibitions by Paul on June 13, 2009



Today I went to my next exhibition in Tokyo. It was the JAGDA (Japan Graphic Designers Association) New Designer Awards held at the Creation Gallery G8 near Ginza again. JAGDA are a body that support and develop the roles and careers of graphic designers in Japan and the New Designer Awards are an annual competition hosted by them.

The exhibition was absolutely brilliant with a great range of works on show in a very well thought out exhibition guiding visitors round all pieces. My favourite pieces were Rika Eguchi’sHow to cook Docomodake?‘ sculptures as seen in the image above, the personal typeface created by Yoshinori Okada in the image below and the vegetable man sculpture and photography which was a quirky Sesame Street style man made from vegetables sporting a tweed suit. There was also some great print work on display and some really innovative direct mail.

You can read more about JAGDA here and about the New Designer Awards here and the top four entrants including Rika and Yoshinori. Here is the exhibition event page, only in Japanese.



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  1. jan said, on January 10, 2010 at 9:18 pm

    Dear Paul
    Thanks for your article about and pictures from this exhibition. I’m a huge fan of Japanese graphic design and I will try to buy the annual Graphic Design In Japan 2009 – book. (I also have the previous ones).

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