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Osamu Tezuka ‘Message for the Future’ Exhibition

Posted in Exhibitions by Paul on June 22, 2009



Osamu Tezuka was the pioneer of Japanese story manga and the founder of TV animation leaving behind a huge legacy of 700 manga and 70 animation works. He not only influenced people of his generation, but also contemporary culture, the arts and sciences. On Saturday, I went to visit his 80th anniversary exhibition, ‘Message for the Future‘ at the Edo Museum. There’s only really one word that could of described it, wonderful. Saturday was the last day of the exhibition and there were crowds of people inside and waiting to get in the exhibition, from small children to very old people, all touched, myself included, by the master that is Tezuka. He was well known for the creation of ‘Astroboy‘, pictured above, but also for other works such as Jungle Emperor, which is actually an uncredited influence for the modern day Lion King and Black Jack, an illegal operating surgeon.

On display were lots celluloid pieces of work, original sketchbooks and story boards, work from his school and college days, as well as 3D props, robots and his actual drawing desk, chair and glasses. Everything created by Tezuka, is a work of art and was just amazing. He was influenced and was a major admirer of Disney, but his own ideas and bringing his characters to life made Tezuka’s work extra special. Astroboy is also being developed into a movie to be released in 2010 so Tezuka’s legacy lives on. This was definitely one of the best exhibitions I have been to for a while.


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