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Zine’s Mate – Tokyo Art Book Fair

Posted in Everything Else by Paul on July 12, 2009


On Wednesday evening I briefly helped to set up the first venue along with a few other W+K people of Zine’s Mate, the first book fair specializing in artist’s publications to be held in Tokyo. The fair consisted of two venuses, GYRE and VACANT, both in the Omotesando area of west central Tokyo. There was massive hype before the start of the fair which finished today and W+K have had involvement with the GYRE building so that’s how I found out about it.

GYRE held commerical and exisiting established publishers including NIEVES and Berlin based Motto, which I actually visited when I was there so a great reminder of their works. The opening night was packed and I mean packed, you could hardly move so it took me a while to get around to see everything. NIEVES created 100+ individual zines which had some great ones amongst them and likewise with Motto. The rest of the stores had some fantastic books and prints on display including one of the new releases by Rocket called ‘Tokyo Edit‘ which I really wish I got now and will do my best to track it down. It was a book studying the sub cultures and creative industries of Tokyo with interviews and in depth research into existing Tokyo designers and creatives.



The second venue of the fair at VACANT opened after GYRE did and we had inside knowledge before we got there, that there was about 200+ people waiting outside and the police had to be called as it was so busy, so we never made it down on the opening night. I did eventually manage to go yesterday afternoon, still very busy. This part of Zine’s Mate was independent and underground publishers and artists and again a fantastic look at Tokyo’s book scene. There was lots of things I wanted to get, but I just ended up getting the three wonderful mini publications shown in the picture below. You can see more about Zine’s Mate on the W+K blog here.




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