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Pecha Kucha Tokyo #64

Posted in Talks/Lectures by Paul on August 1, 2009


Pecha Kucha is Japanese for ‘chit-chat‘ and is the idea of Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham of Klein Dytham Architecture, based here in Tokyo. Presenters are allowed to use 20 slides, which are shown on screen for 20 seconds each. It equals a 6 minute, 40 second presentation. If you’ve ever sat through a boring presentation with the presenter rambling on and on and on or reading to you exactly what is already on the screen, then Pecha Kucha is something to check out. It started back in 2003 in Tokyo and since then has spread to 219 cities worldwide and has become the biggest offline social network.

There are no events coming up in London, and as I’m in Tokyo where it all started, what better place to present, and what better subject to present about, my year out. Next thing I know, images are submitted to KDA and I’m sitting at the front of Super Deluxe where the event was held ready to go up and present. I don’t think I’ve ever been so nervous, with about 500+ people I would say, all waiting to hear each speaker’s presentation.

My presentation went very smoothly, and with a few guys from W+K attending, apparently I sounded calm and collect, so bring on the 1000+ audience presentation. From BRAG to Not Actual Size to Pentagram to eBoy to the Delivery of Typography to THIS IS Studio to Wieden+Kennedy to breakfast with John Maeda, I picked out the best 20 things that have happened so far on my year out. 20 seconds per image was plenty of time, but at the same time, just not enough, exactly what Pecha Kucha is all about. The evening was fantastic with a variety of speakers, from illustrators, architects, fashion designers and even to a tooth pick artist! I was also given the Pecha Kucha book to add to my hoard I’m bringing back from Tokyo. For all the night’s speakers and their links, check out the Tokyo #64 event page here. If you haven’t already been to a Pecha Kucha event, make sure you go to the next one in your city, and better yet, present!

As there are no upcoming events in London, I spoke to Mark about this as it’s something I would really love to help set back up. There have been Pecha Kucha’s in London in the past, but it seems as if people in the capital just want to make money off the event, rather than sticking to its true origins, something which I completely hate.

So a meeting and a presentation later with Mark at the KDA studio on friday as well an explanation of where Pecha Kucha is heading for the future, I will be staying in contact with him and KDA and will be contacting the rest of the London team when I get back to get things rolling again so watch this space. I’m very very excited to be involved now. You can see the rest of the photos I took of the night here.




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  1. Shun Iwai said, on August 2, 2009 at 2:26 am


    Thank you for your post.
    Great blog.
    It looks like you enjoyed Tokyo a lot
    and it makes me happy.

    Yes, keep in touch.


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