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Posted in Projects by Paul on September 25, 2009


As I am soon to be heading back to LCC for the final year of my degree and my year out is drawing to a close, I am currently now working on ‘ideAporting’. I have been working on ideAporting for a while now and I’ve been sourcing information, content and research throughout the summer. ideAporting is the ongoing online and offline outcome for the research part of my first final year brief, ‘Import/Export‘, which was to look into ideas, services and innovations on a global context.

ideAporting is a collaborative online platform where users can share ideas, services and innovations that could be imported, exported or both between countries worldwide. For example, a recent article in The Independent newspaper reported that there is a new scheme for the city of Ghent in Belgium to go vegetarian one day a week. Would this work in the UK? How could it be promoted? Conversely, are there any innovative concepts from the UK that could be successfully implemented in another country? If so, what cultural issues would need to be taken into consideration? Are there local issues that would benefit from global discussion with international links and support networks as well?

Join ideAporting and contribute by submitting ideas, writing, images, videos, links, PDFs, podcasts, downloads and everything else in-between. Image sizes can be a maximum of 530px wide and please submit hi-res versions from your contributions where possible to paul@idea-porting.com to become part of a unique offline documentation of ideAporting. You can also comment on contributors’ posts and keep in with the conversation. Spread knowledge and start conversations with ideAporting.

Join ideAporting’s Facebook group here.

You can also follow ideAporting on Twitter here.

Join ideAporting here.



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