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ECCA ‘Freelancing’ Talk

Posted in Talks/Lectures by Paul on May 15, 2009


Last night I attended another talk hosted by ECCA, ‘Working as a freelance graphic designer or illustrator‘. I am currently working on a freelance project which will be posted up soon, but the opportunities of freelancing seem to be always there. It is something I would consider doing once I graduate but I think it would probably be alongside a studio role as well. Anyway, there were three speakers at the lecture; Astrid Chesney, a freelance illustrator, Fig Taylor, a Consultant from the Association of Illustrators and Leah Harrison Bailey, one of the partners from Happily Ever After.

Astrid talked through her jounery as a freelance illustrator from the RCA onwards with some nice examples of characters and book covers and explained that deadlines can be as tight as a few hours (one she did for the Guardian) when it comes to editorial commissions. Fig from the AOI has some great advice on portfolio reviews and techniques (she sees a lot of them!) including making in situ photographs looking as realistic as possible as well as practical advice on work choices and focusing on your strengths. She had a quote that will stick with me, “Take out work that you make excuses for (from your portfolio)’ And finally, Leah also explained her journey from a desk under a bed to her soon to be new studio in north London and the pros and cons of working in a partnership – most were pros however though! She also showed lots of great design examples including the ongoing identity and catalogues Happily Ever After create for the RCA graduate shows.

Some interesting advice on freelancing from the speakers and some great projects on show throughout as well.






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ECCA ‘Be Seen, Go Green’ Talk

Posted in Talks/Lectures by Paul on May 7, 2009


I haven’t put up a post for a few weeks now because in all honestly, I haven’t been that busy – counting down the days till I leave for Tokyo, 3 weeks today in fact, I can’t wait! I’ve been doing a few things however; more screen printing for the Type Tarts project and I had an interview this morning with Don’t Panic for a summer internship. So I thought I’d get out the house and go to the ‘Be Seen, Go Green: Benefits for Sustainable Designers‘ talk hosted by ECCA at LCC this evening. My last post about the self promotion/branding ECCA talk was way back at the beginning of July last year but honestly it feels like a week ago.

This evening’s lecture was a very interesting one, with speakers Christopher Pett, furniture designer and company founder of Pli Design, Graham Lewis,  creative director of the Green Awards and LCC graduate Jody Boehnert, graphic designer and company founder of Eco-Labs. Christopher explained all about his experiences on being noticed as a green company and advice on materials sourcing and he gave some great web links and books which I have already bookmarked. Graham explained all about the Green Awards which started in 2006 as one of the only national design awards for green and sustainable projects. Honda won the Grand Prix prize in 2007 with the above ‘Earth Car‘. He also had on one of his slides one of the best print adverts I have seen for a while for Saab, which can be seen below! Coming from an advertising background, it was very interesting seeing his point of view. And finally, Jody introduced Eco-Labs, a platform for collaboration for environmentally friendly projects and the benefits this can all bring.






ECCA Self-Promotion/Branding Talk

Posted in Talks/Lectures by Paul on July 2, 2008


As part of Graduate Week 2008 by University of the Arts London, I went to ECCA‘s (Enterprise Centre for the Creative Arts) ‘Making a name for yourself: self-promotion and branding in the creative industries’ talk on the 1st of July. Guest speakers included Rhonda Drakeford, Co-founder and Director of Multistorey, Anna Goodman of Abstrakt Publicity and Russell Thoburn, Artist.

Some useful hints and tips on promoting yourself in a tough industry and I have this all to look forward to! With emphasis on online promotion, reading up on the medias, not being presumptious, knowing your audience and much more.

And Russell showed us that the Daily Star and The Sun can be used to good effect. (check the Motor Project and Tracey’s Dinners under the Basement section on his website for full project rundowns) A great evening with some interesting points raised. I liked being the only 2nd year there also – I think.