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BBC ‘Big Mic’ in Berlin

Posted in Everything Else by Paul on November 20, 2008



On Monday evening, I was told by Cunning (internship no. 3) to head on down to the Hauptbahnhof (central main station) in Berlin to see something to do with the BBC and ‘burying powerful questions‘. It turned out to be the experimental aspect of BBC’s new campaign, ‘You can’t bury a powerful question‘ which has just been released.

I met up with Nathan from Cunning and helped out (a bit…move some of the pieces and help with a few tiles) to set up the installation. Some reactions from passers by were very funny and I went back yesterday and Tuesday evening to photograph the ‘Big Mic‘. I managed to see a group of school children go crazy around it and X Factor’s next flop contestant pose for a photo while trying to hold and sing into the microphone.

The plan is after Berlin, to ship the microphone back to London and install it at BBC Television Centre.

In collaboration with Red Bee Media, a really nice piece of ambient work, didn’t think I would be doing that on a Monday evening. You can find the project on Cunning’s website here (along with my photographs) and the rest of the images on my Flickr set here, enjoy.

Thanks to Becca and Nathan from Cunning for the heads up and involvement.




Revok’s ‘Crime in the City’ sneak preview + Exhibition

Posted in Exhibitions by Paul on October 12, 2008



A quick trip to the Grenade Gallery in the west end on Sunday evening for a few snaps for UK Street Art for American graffiti artist Revok’s upcoming show ‘Crime in the City‘ running between the 16th and 20th of October. See the link on GG’s website here.

UPDATE: Full exhibition photos can now be seen on my Flickr page, after I visited the Grenade Gallery again on Tuesday with all of Revok’s work up and complete.


Enjoy the rest of the photos at my Flickr page gallery here. And the post on UKSA here.

NIKE Sportswear Presented…..Kate Moross

Posted in Everything Else, Talks/Lectures by Paul on October 2, 2008


The second of the screen printing talks/demos at the Nike 1948 pop up store, this time by Camberwell graduate Kate Moross. A quick visit during lunch on Tuesday while I was at the Blyk workshop. And I picked up one of Kate’s nice prints.

The full set of THIS IS Studio and Kate Moross’ demos are on my Flickr page here.

NIKE Sportswear Presented…..THIS IS Studio

Posted in Everything Else, Talks/Lectures by Paul on September 26, 2008


I was invited to the Nike 1948 pop up store yesterday to attend a screen printing demonstration and talk by THIS IS Studio. The two from THIS IS Studio talked a little bit about the work they do and printed a run of limited editions and I got to take a couple home with me.

The Nike 1948 concept store on Batemans Row in East London has had a whole series of creative events happening over the last 2 weeks and will continue for a bit longer, put on by the guys from YCN. So head on down there to take a look at the art, clothes and trainers.

Check out the full set of photographs on my Flickr page here. And the YCN page here.


250 Shoeboxes, 1 Superstar was LIVE

Posted in Everything Else, Projects by Paul on September 9, 2008



Last friday, my YCN Live event, ‘250 Shoeboxes, 1 Superstar‘ went LIVE at the Atrium Gallery in LCC. It was a lot of fun and it turned out great. Thanks to Dan, Laura, Vicky, Jade, Jack and my brother for helping out and to Anthony for the exhibition space.

Check out the project page on my website here.

The full set of photos on my Flickr page here.

And the YCN Live event page here.