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CLASKA Flea Market

Posted in Everything Else by Paul on July 6, 2009



After pulling a 21 hour shift and helping out a bit on a massive presentation we had at W+K, it was a day of sleep last Friday. Come evening though, I headed on down to CLASKA, a hotel in west Tokyo that also hosts exhibitions, events and has a creative background. It’s the place from which I got myself a very nice creative guidebook, ‘Tokyo By Tokyo‘. W+K and other Tokyo based design companies and agencies each had their own store and were selling either their creations or bits and pieces donated from the staff. There were some very nice prints, Medicom toys and other bits and pieces on show, but I decided to hang on to my money and make use of the free drinks. It was packed from the start and you can see the lovely W+K ladies in the picture above. I even met another intern from Nottingham who was working at an architecture practice here in Tokyo.




Medicom Toy Exhibition ’09

Posted in Exhibitions by Paul on June 27, 2009



This is the 100th post on Digesting Design.

Finally, I moved across town to Shibuya and to the Parco Factory art space to go see the Medicom Toy Exhibition ’09, it’s been a great day of exhibitions to say the least. As soon as arrived, I was drooling over pretty much every single toy, collaboration and design in the show. Standing proudly right at the front was the new release by Kubrick of Daft Punk 1000% figures; I’m not sure how nearer my face could of been to them?

The exhibition was a great celebration of Medicom, the toy company created here in Japan and with collaborations ranging from Star Wars to Hello Kitty to Dragon Ball Z and finally to Daft Punk, there was an amazing collection of toys on show. Far too many I wanted to take home. Pretty much everything being sold at the exhibition was long gone before I got there. After seeing the Daft Punk toys, I actually decided my mission was to get hold of, somehow, someway the French electronic duo in toy form. So along comes Nakano Broadway (an area in north west Tokyo known for it’s toy and manga stores) late in the day and what do I find? These! And there was about five minutes hesitation before splashing out. Fantastic stuff!




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