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Little Music Break to Paris

Posted in Everything Else by Paul on September 5, 2009




This time last weekend, I was in Paris at the Rock en Seine music festival, being taken there courtesy of Eurostar as part of their new ‘Litte break, Big difference‘ campaign. I was over there doing the photography for Fried My Little Brain. Eurostar have teamed up with We Are Social, a social networking, media and communications agency for the new campaign which is all about taking time out from your usual schedule and doing something different that you usually wouldn’t do and just how quickly you can get to continental Europe with Eurostar to enjoy your break. Myself and 11 other music bloggers were whisked away for the crazy weekend in Paris.

With Oasis cancelling last minute, it was up to the Prodigy, Birdy Nam Nam, Vitalic, MGMT, Calvin Harris, The Offspring, Bloc Party, Madness, Metric, Les Petits Pois and many more to do the entertaining and we were not disappointed. Many thanks to Sarah, Sandrine and Camile from We Are Social for the weekend as well as a shout out to the other bloggers; Stereo Kill, Hush House, Cougar Microbes, Nialler9, My Chemical Toilet, Vice and Buzzin Music Blog. My photography on FMLB can be seen here. Be sure to check out all the links below.






Wieden+Kennedy 1 Month Review

Posted in Internships by Paul on June 30, 2009



This evening marks the end of my first month in Tokyo and with Wieden+Kennedy and as you already know the drill, yes it has flown by even quicker than everything else that has happened over the past year. But what a month June has been for me; I’ve settled down in Tokyo and I’m soaking everything up as it’s an amazing city and a complete culture change for me. In terms of W+K, I’ve felt like part of the team from day one and I’m learning lots working alongside Eric. It’s an amazing company to be part of, so I am relishing every moment I have here.

As per my previous post about W+K, the book I was working on is coming along nicely and is just about in it’s final stages and just like I did at Pentagram, by working on a book, it’s a great project to work on by keeping refining and carrying on with designing for a professional context. The web work and mobile phone designs are also nearing the end and I’ve just started on some t-shirt designs and I can’t wait for the new challenges that lie ahead for me in July.

W+K regularly have speakers in and there’s also lots that they are involved with inside and outside the studio walls. Eric presented to some other students from Asia so I sat in on that a few weeks back and it was great to hear about his story and just made me buzz even more off W+K. You can see the presentation on W+K’s blog here. Team ANSWR also popped to the studio a few weeks back to present some work to us and to let us know what they are up to. It was great to see another company based in Tokyo and what they are up to, and it’s amazing just how far ahead their thinking along with W+K’s is ahead of everyone elses. Click here to read about ANSWR’s visit. I managed to get some nice freebies and  a show reel from ANSWR. Then last Tuesday, me and Andrea popped by to one of W+K LAB’s video shoots about an hour away from Roppongi and it was interesting to see all the behind the scenes stuff. The LAB guys working on the video and all the design work to go along with it, have just a few weeks to get it all finalized so I can’t wait to see what the final outcome is. We convienently arrived at the time where the dancing girls scene was happening, and specifically the champagne spraying scene. There was only 3 of 4 ‘sprayers’ available so in hard times, I had to stand up for the cause. You can see a set of photos we took on my Flickr page here.




Then, last Friday, and this will definitely be one of the highlights of my year out. W+K invited John Maeda to breakfast (he cooked breakfast before for our director, John Jay, so obviously we had to repay the favour when we heard he was speaking at a sold out lecture in Tokyo). If you don’t already know John Maeda, he is the current President of the Rhode Island School of Design, graphic designer, author and all around good guy and legend, being voted one of the most 21 important people of the 21st century. He was only in the studio for about an hour, but with a full spread of breakfast laid out by team ‘Wieden+Dining‘, it was a fantastic morning. He had some great stories to tell about being president and was a very down to earth guy. I did comment on one thing, but I got a bit star struck and not too sure whether he knew what I was talking about, but a fascinating hour. The team over in Portland were also watching via video link including John Jay. Check out the breakfast with John Maeda here. Finally, yesterday I got to take a look at W+K’s global book, which isn’t for a sale so a rare opportunity to check it out. And what a book it was, telling the W+K story from day one right up until the current day, including information about all the worldwide offices and teams, brilliant stuff! It can be seen on the W+K global blog here.

I’ve got lots more planned whilst in Tokyo so watch this space.


‘Despair’ Music Video for Ditto

Posted in Everything Else by Paul on June 4, 2009

So a while back I explained about the music video I helped on at the G20 protests for Ditto and run by KK Outlet. Here is the end result, see if you can spot me in there somewhere.



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Ditto Music Video at the G20 Protests

Posted in Everything Else by Paul on April 2, 2009



Well yesterday was an ‘interesting‘ day of activities. KK Outlet (the London office of Amsterdam based agency KesselsKramer) got me involved in helping out with a music video they are producing for the Ditto festival being held at the Roundhouse in Camden in a few weeks. Ditto is a collaboration between music,  creativity, film and writing. The song we were filming and helping out on’s theme was ‘Despair‘. As the G20 protests were taking place around London yesterday, our job was to get amongst the protesters with out own placards with some of the song lyrics written on them and film it all.




My group started off at the Cannon Street march and then onto the Bank of England where all the protesters had gathered. We got some nice shots on various cameras, but being cordened in for a few hours by regular and riot police was not the best experience; we eventually left the protest site and headed back to the office. Probably the most ironic thing of the day was watching a seller going around the crowds of protesters shouting, “Get your official protest whistles here!“.

You can spot our fluorescent placards throughout all the photographs that I have put up here including Russell Brand sneaking in on our great shot. And some mobile phone footage that I took on the YouTube video below. The Guardian’s news report on the day’s events can be found here and KK Outlet’s Flickr set can be found here.






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Fabric/K + High Fidelity Exhibitions

Posted in Exhibitions by Paul on November 30, 2008


Yesterday I went to Program and the Kunstbibliothek for a couple of exhibitions. First up was ‘Fabric/K‘, a collaboration between Yukihiro Taguchi & Vladimir Karaleev using fabric as a robust material and installation pieces. Unfortunately when I got there, it was the last day of the exhibition and the work had been taken down, all was left was a nice three minute documentary video. A really playful take on fabric and I also managed to pick up some flyers for other exhibitions.

Next up I visited the Kunstbibliothek, near the NeueNational Gallerie as well, for ‘High Fidelity‘, an excellent exhibition about vinyl and its associated artwork, music + art. The exhibition itself was a typical snobish set up: quiet, can’t do this, can’t do that, but what was in it was brilliant. My favourite pieces included the John Lennon and Yoko Ono work and some really nice illustrative pieces that I can’t remember the name of now, and of course a Rolling Stones vinyl cover. Picture discs, vinyl sleeves, books, memorabilia and Andy Warhol pieces on display completed the worthwhile visit. Great pieces of graphic design throughout.


The Kunstbibliothek itself was an amazing building as well, so I took a general look around its permanent collection and some nice Japanese scriptures and scrolls. What’s more, downstairs they were having a clear out of books and posters so managed to grab a magazine, book and poster. All in all, a good Saturday afternoon!

I couldn’t take any photos inside, but did manage to sneakingly snap the above installation of a plastic shopping bags dress in the reception area.