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ECCA ‘Be Seen, Go Green’ Talk

Posted in Talks/Lectures by Paul on May 7, 2009


I haven’t put up a post for a few weeks now because in all honestly, I haven’t been that busy – counting down the days till I leave for Tokyo, 3 weeks today in fact, I can’t wait! I’ve been doing a few things however; more screen printing for the Type Tarts project and I had an interview this morning with Don’t Panic for a summer internship. So I thought I’d get out the house and go to the ‘Be Seen, Go Green: Benefits for Sustainable Designers‘ talk hosted by ECCA at LCC this evening. My last post about the self promotion/branding ECCA talk was way back at the beginning of July last year but honestly it feels like a week ago.

This evening’s lecture was a very interesting one, with speakers Christopher Pett, furniture designer and company founder of Pli Design, Graham Lewis,  creative director of the Green Awards and LCC graduate Jody Boehnert, graphic designer and company founder of Eco-Labs. Christopher explained all about his experiences on being noticed as a green company and advice on materials sourcing and he gave some great web links and books which I have already bookmarked. Graham explained all about the Green Awards which started in 2006 as one of the only national design awards for green and sustainable projects. Honda won the Grand Prix prize in 2007 with the above ‘Earth Car‘. He also had on one of his slides one of the best print adverts I have seen for a while for Saab, which can be seen below! Coming from an advertising background, it was very interesting seeing his point of view. And finally, Jody introduced Eco-Labs, a platform for collaboration for environmentally friendly projects and the benefits this can all bring.







THIS IS Studio Review

Posted in Internships by Paul on March 14, 2009


I finished up yesterday at THIS IS Studio, so just a short internship of two weeks. The guys, Barney, Richard and Dougal have been great to work with and it has been really interesting working alongside three young designers who have only had the studio for a few years straight after graduation. However, they are all on the ball, really enthusiastic and hard working, with lots of exciting current projects and more in the pipeline.

The studio was unfortunately broken into on Monday evening with a few computers going walkies so this week was a bit up and down in that sense, but I’ve had another great week. I’ve been helping Barney on some exhibition boards that the studio is doing for a convention in Los Angeles and not only have I put some more decent hours into Adobe Illustrator, but it was also great to get some experience at dealing with production companies, costing, quotes and all the rest. I also this week was helping Dougal re-create a booklet (which was not backed up on the computers that got stolen) which was really good, getting some good practice at type setting accurately.

It’s only been a few weeks, but I’ve leanrt lots from the trio and it was great to be back in a design studio. They gave me a Jan Tschichold book for my hard work, and have asked me to come back and help out on future projects which I’m super excited about, thanks guys.

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Graphic Design ‘Work in Progress’ show at LCC

Posted in Everything Else, Exhibitions by Paul on March 14, 2009


On Wednesday morning, I quickly popped back to LCC again to take a look at my current year’s work in progress. I won’t be around for the final degree show (I’ll explain about this shortly in another post) so I wanted to gather some insight into standard of work, printing, displaying work and just generally seeing how everyone I know has developed. I was disappointed with Advertising’s and Typography’s work but the Illustration and Information Design pathway’s work had some good pieces on show, this may have been down to the fact that they had more finished pieces on display however.

From looking at the work on show, I’ll make sure my final stuff next year will be printed properly and displayed to give maximum effect. My degree show next year will definitely come round a lot quicker than I think.

Phil Baines & Catherine Dixon Lecture at LCC

Posted in Talks/Lectures by Paul on March 11, 2009


As part of the ‘Changing Face of Letterpress‘ schedule of events in the past week, I went to the ‘Letterpress Beginnings‘ lecture last night at LCC with speakers Phil Baines and Catherine Dixon. The two designers are the creme de la creme when it comes to typography and letterpress and both currently teach at Cental Saint Martins, where they both were educated as well.

The lecture comprised of how their early works and visual styles took shape through typography and specifically letterpress and how their styles and work have evolved over the years. Phil’s ‘Thesis‘ were an epic series of images with some of the best type setting I have seen, with an incredible amount of detail and care put into them. Catherine’s work seemed more experimental and I especially loved her ‘type documentation‘ pieces of work. It was great to listen to a pair of experienced designers on their journeys to get to where they are now. Of course some amazing work examples were on display throughout the lecture as well. I also got a few ideas on how to photograph my projects from their presentation as well.

The Changing Face of Letterpress Exhibition

Posted in Exhibitions by Paul on March 7, 2009


Bit of a late post this one, but I’ve been super busy this week. A quick visit in the morning on Wednesday to LCC where I showed my portfolio and talked to current students who are wanting to take the year out like I am doing (feels like 5 minutes since I was looking at the year above’s portfolios for the same thing!). It was nice to chat to some enthusiastic and interested students about my experiences and to give them some advice.

I popped back to work before coming back again in the evening to LCC for the highly anticipated ‘Changing Face of Letterpress‘ exhibition in the Well Gallery. The exhibition has been promoted on all the design blogs for a while now, and some of my friends and tutors were exhibiting so I was exciting about going.

“The Changing Face of Letterpress is an exhibition of staff and student work from the London College of Communication, seeking to challenge the boundaries of Letterpress within the current design climate whilst drawing from the rich printing history of the college. The exhibition explores the changing role of Letterpress within design education, from a typographical teaching tool to a medium that is igniting process-driven work from students within the School of Graphic Design.”


The private view wasn’t as busy as I thought it would be, but there was some excellent work on display. The typographic system/template at the front of the exhibition was an eye catcher, my friends’ work in the forms of a letterpressed pro-Gypsy poster and some illustrative tigers were great and the poster displaying “I Haart You” was nice also. Lots of smaller postcards and artefacts were displayed on the tables and some other visually rich prints completed the exhibition. I also managed to grab one of the exhibition catalogues which doubles up nicely as a poster.

Along with the exhibition, LCC is hosting various lectures around the letterpress subject and I’ve booked up for the Phil Baines and Catherine Dixon one on the 10th, so I will put up a post about that next week. For the meantime, check out the LCC Letterpress website below.