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Yasuni Green Gold Book + Campaign Launch Event

Posted in Freelancing, Projects, Talks/Lectures by Paul on October 8, 2008


On Monday I attended the Yasuni Green Gold book and campaign launch at the Amnesty Human Rights Action Centre in Shoreditch. The event ran for a couple of hours and there was some hot topics being debated, an interesting insight into to what I will be involved in. I also got a nice handmade (out of Indian newspapers) goodybag including some great postcards to be directly sent to the Prime Minister for his support.

As from my previous post about the Yasuni Green Gold, I have been involved in the design side of things with the campaign. However, Georgie, one of the co partners in the day to day running of the campaign, as also mentioned in my previous post has been so busy organising everything else that we only got as far as initial designs for both the re-branding of the campaign and some t-shirts.

I have still offered my services however, and once things settle down with the launch, Georgie has told me that I may be able to restart the design process once again, so watch this space.


Yasuni Green Gold

Posted in Freelancing, Projects by Paul on September 2, 2008


After some recent emails with Georgina Donati, I am now involved in the creative part of the Yasuni Green Gold campaign. I will be in charge of the re-branding of the campaign as well as designing t-shirts which will be sold during the campaign. Also to be worn by a famous band which will be revealed at a later date! Exciting stuff.

“The Yasuní is one of the most biodiverse place in the world and a reserve with the most genetic diversity. It is thought to be the place where approximately 2 million years ago during the last ice age, animals sought refuge. The region is protected by indigenous people descended from ancient warriors: the Tagaeri and the Taromenani. These are two of the last communities to live in isolation from the rest of the world. Yasuní Green Gold is an international campaign that was created with the support of the government and Orellana and local indigenous people, in the Yasuní region. It aims to raise awareness of the region and create a network of support for the conservation of the park and protection of the local people of the Yasuní.”

Check out the website for the Yasuni Green Gold here.